Cloud Platform

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Cloud Platform in Global Space

Virtus Logic Korea offers Cloud Computing services at your desired location for maximum business continuity – including Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Data Storage, Servers, Network Services, and 24×7 Monitoring Solutions. Virtus Logic Korea provides the cloud infrastructure that benefit businesses with unlimited scalability of resource on demand. Cloud customers pay only for the resources that they use. Many of our customers enjoy the benefit of “Op Ex” as they no longer need to purchase and maintain the IT infrastructures.
Virtual Data Centers
Start your own virtual data center with quickly launched virtual servers as you need around the globe. We offer fully-managed, distributed cloud architecture designed data center located in more than 30+ locations. You can deploy the Virtual Data Center today where you need BCP or simply for the closest access to the server/data.
Virtus Cloud Servers
100% AWS compatible on-demand, highly available enterprise-grade flexible and scalable compute power to handle any workload is ready for you to use either on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud.  You can quickly and easily deploy Virtus Logic Korea Cloud Servers today with a choice of your OS, and just pay for what you use.
Virtus Cloud Storage

Our Storage service is designed to support any data type (block, file, object), any protocol (NFS, CIFS, FC, iSCSI, iSER, S3, Swift and more), with on-premises, across clouds or in a hybrid environment. We deliver secure, dependable, and massively scalable storage that handles demanding workloads.

Shared Server Service

Virtus Logic Korea’s shared server service offers all the technologies that many customers need from the Plesk server management console to securely managed Linux OS with unmetered bandwidth.  Look no more and enjoy the freedom of using affordable computing resources with a service you can rely on with our shared server service.  

Dedicated Server Service
Fully customizable server service with all the resources you need in your own server. Virtus Logic Korea offers the most powerful, flexible, yet affordable dedicated server service for the choice of applications you want to run. Use it with Virtus Logic Korea Cloud Storage service and now you have unlimited storage with your server.

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